Group of Companies “Efes”

Address: 124, Chkalova St., office 21, Ekaterinburg, 620146
Phone: +7(343) 385-93-00, +7 (343) 385-91-00


was founded in February 1992 and in 25 years of its operation grew into a construction holding, which currently unites over 20 companies operating in the field of  production, construction and design. The company applies a complex approach – from identification and registration of land allotments, design and construction to the management of built housing facilities. In the period of its work, the Group of Companies “Efes” has put in operation over 700,000 sq.m of administrative, industrial, social and housing objects in Ekaterinburg, as well as in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan Oblasts.

Currently, “Efes” is building: “Uralsky” housing estate in the area of Blyukhera St.- Sakhalinskaya St. Construction volume 300,000 sq.m, “7 Klyuchey” housing estate in Sortirovka. Construction volume 190,000 sq.m, Shopping and hotel complex in Bebelia-Khalturina St. This year, the company will begin the development of two residential areas: residential complex “Zarechniy”, Bebelya St. - Gotvalda St. and residential complex “Isetsky” in Shcherbakova St.-Pavlodarskaya St. They also work on five projects of planning residential areas with infrastructure including schools, kindergartens and sports facilities, located in Pionerskiy Poselok, Uralmash, Elmash, Vtorchermet and Shuvakish.

The planned volume of housing, administrative, sports and other social facilities to be built and put in operation – 800,000 sq.m a year.

Besides its construction work, Group of Companies “Efes” is involved in voluntary work for professional community. It is the presidium member of SRO Associatsiya Stroiteley Urala (Urals Civil Engineers’ Association) It is an active participant of the Ural civil engineering community and of Ekaterinburg City business life.