Address: Ekaterinburg, st. Sacco and Vanzetti, 64
Phone: +7 (343) 2222-774

Atlas Development Group of Companies

is a Russian company that provides full scope of services in construction, development, commercial and residential property management.

The Company was established in 2006.

Company mission: Atlas Development is an ambitious comprehensive team implementing modern approaches in construction.

For the benefit of our clients and partners, we offer the product that they need. We create and continuously improve the conditions for their comfortable living and work. We are fully responsible for our actions and decisions. Therefore, we are trusted and recommended.

Atlas Development is a member of the Union of Construction Industry of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Logistics/construciton of a ready-to-use building to suit client’s needs in built-to-suit format: from development of the statement of work and concept to commissioning. The flagship project of this kind is Koltsovskiy Logopark near the Koltsovo Airport with total area more than 83 hectares. In parallel, the company is involved in development of conceptual solutions in warehouse construction - facilities in Light-industrial format.

Commercial property/development of shopping spaces.

Mainly street-retail. Re-conception and redevelopment of shopping spaces, development of new city spaces.

Facility management provides the Company an opportunity to preserve unique features and keep spaces attractive for tenants.

Residential property/construciton of modern and comfortable housing. Atlas Development aims at creation of unique and individual projects in the market. The company approach always considers a deep analysis of future residents’ needs to ensure high level of services and quality of life.

The portfolio of projects includes:

  • Aurora Residential Complex - the biggest residential house in Ekaterinburg for 1599 apartments.
  • I-TOWER Residential Complex - 32-stories innovative comfort-class towers.
  • Koltsovo Logopark - one of the biggest trade and logistics centers of the Sverdlovsk Oblast with total area of 83 hectares.