Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
FAU “Federal Center for Standardization”
Nizhnetagilskiy steel structures factory
Doka Group
Individual Entrepreneur
National Association of Builders (NOSTROY)
NIIOCP named after Gersevanov
Institute Giprostroymost - Saint-Petersburg
ZIL Cultural Center
Federal Chamber of Fire and Rescue
Glavgosexpertiza Rossii
Kazan State Architecture and Civil Engineering University
Ural Federal University
Institute Giprostroymost - St.Petersburg
Juergen Mandl
Ural Office of Expertise and Evaluation
Kuban State Agriculture University
Art Studio HOUSE (Italian – Russian Company)
Autodesk, Russia, CIS
St.Petersburg University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Eurasian SEISMO Association
SCAD office, Technical support, Novosibirsk
Research Institute for Sustainable Development in Construction