Position:Head of Research & Development Center
Employer:World Academy of Integrated Safety and Security Sciences

Previous employments: from an engineer to a head of laboratory in the All-Union R&D Institute of Television and Radiobroadcasting (VNIITR); Technical Director of OOO ABV Veshchatelnye sistemy (LLC), OOO BIS Engineering (LLC), ZAO Spetsvideoproekt (CJSC), Vice-Rector of UCSSEM, Director of NITs VAN KB, and Technical Director of MA Systemservice.

Working experience: development of special-purpose equipment; development of devices, equipment, systems of video recording, digital video recording, TV-production complexes, and TV-and-radio broadcasting units; development of a tapeless digital TV-and-radio broadcasting method; design and construction of TV-production complexes, process sections, and TV-and-radio broadcasting units; design of communication systems; design and implementation of safety systems, integrated safety systems; development of state, national, and international standards of IEC, ICCR (ITU-R); participation in the development of technical regulations, sections of state programs; participation in the development of draft federal laws and sections thereof; and educational activity.

More than 150 scientific papers published in Russian and foreign scientific and technical journals and presented at scientific and technical conferences and forums; 5 books