Position:Managing Director
Employer:BRE Academy
Country:Great Britain

Pauline has over 20 years’ experience in education and is highly committed and passionate about bridging the gap between academia and industry in order to develop people in organisations to remain employable and competitive for today and tomorrow’s future new skills, knowledge and practises. Pauline works with professionals, as well as organisations to achieve accessible, flexible and cost-effective online education, producing leading talent for a better Built Environment from boardroom through to the end of the supply chain, both in the UK and internationally.

The BRE Academy business continues to significantly grow by leading the profession through upskilling industry, lifelong learning and developing career pathways for the Built Environment in order to make it the career of choice. Prior to BRE, Pauline worked in the IT industry, developing international training at the start of the dot.com and prior to that, in the automotive industry where she worked on the education programmes with BMW on the MINI car programme. Pauline is actively involved in STEM, engaged with local communities to unlock opportunities and to help support the industry, and enable individuals and organisations to build a better world together.