Position:CEO & Founder
Employer:Tango Vision

Started his IT career at Citibank. During the six years tried himself in different roles but decided to leave because the vision and mission did not appeal any more. The joy was found in founding tech startups. The first one was FinTech and was very successful, but lacked monetization. The second was in travel and even though successful technically, did not survive founder conflict. Third was in Fitness and is still successful on US market. The last 2 years have been devoted to a PropTech startup Tango.Vision as CEO.

Tango Vision helps buildings start their digital transformations. At the core of the solution is the map or a 3D model of the building. IoT devices and business processes are attached to this model to form a Digital Twin. Among clients are primarily large shopping malls. Pilots are being prepared for retailers, stadiums and business centers. Company is aiming to create a digital twin for a smart city eventually.