Position:Founder, president and creative director

1973-1979 - Study at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Faculty of Design of residential and public buildings.

37 years of professional experience.

1979-1982 - Architect at CNIIEP named after B.S. Mezentsev in the studio of Mark Bubnov.

1986-1988- Head of the group of architects in CNIIEP named after B.S. Mezentsev in a brigade of A.D. Larin.

1988-1990- Chief Project Architect in the architectural and artistic bureau "PROECT".

1990-1995 - Chief Project Architect in SP MDK "ARKSIM" with A.D. Larin, S.V. Grishin, E.V. Pozharsky.

1995-2002- Chief Project Architect of the company "Sergey Kiselyov and Partners".

2002- present - President of SERGEY SKURATOV ARCHITECTS

Two-times winner of the "Grand Prix" at the UNESCO and the International Academy of Architecture contests.

Architect of the year. Arch Moskva 2008, Urban Awards 2012