Position:Business Development Manager

Architect and business developer Elia Kozak combines her role in design with special attention to strengthening MVRDV's position in the Russian market, coordinating all Russian MVRDV projects from the initial stage to implementation. She was instrumental in the successful acquisition and development of RED7, a multifunctional residential building with an area of 52,000 sq m – the first MVRDV project in Russia. She was overseeing communication with the customer, project presentations to various stakeholders, as well as press releases of the project. All this in addition to her role in the design team.

Her role also includes working with the MVRDV Urban Studies Department, helping the design team develop master plans and strategic projects that contribute to the development of cities in the future. This project is presented at MVRDV exhibitions around the world, including in St. Petersburg, where Elia Kozak and the Why Factory company collaborated with Russian students to take a fresh look at the future of the city. In addition to working at MVRDV, Elia is engaged in art, regularly gives lectures, organizes seminars and exhibitions in cooperation with cultural institutions in Russia. She is a published author at the Glasgow Institute of Architects and at the Strelka Institute.