Position:Research associate, reconstruction and monitoring of unique buildings and structures
Employer:TSNIISK n. a. V. A. Kucherenko, AO NIC Stroitelstvo

Graduate of Electrical Steel branch of the Moscow Automotive Institute (now Moscow Polytech) (2009-2014).

Dmitriy has been with TSNIISK n.a. Kucherenko since 1985.

Dmitriy took part in scientific and technical monitoring of project documentation for the Yamal SPG plant that mines, liquefies and ships natural gas.  He also performed inspections of some structures.

Dmitriy took part in scientific and technical monitoring, production and installment of multi-functional swimming center in Luzhniki, Moscow, and test procedures for elements of aluminum covering of the building.

He also took part in reconstruction of the unique covering in Luzhniki in preparation for the 2018 World Cup.  Currently, he is involved in monitoring of its strain-stress state. 

He is an author and co-author of 15 scientific papers.