Employer:University of Seoul
Country:The Republic of Korea

Ph.D in Architecture, Georgia Tech, Atlanta

M.Arch. in Architecture, UC Berkeley

B.S. in Architecture, Hanyang University, Seoul

Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington in 2006; Provost of Planning and Research Office, University of Seoul from 2007-2008; Organizer of the exhibition, “Megacity Network: Contemporary Korean Architecture” in Frankfurt, Berlin, Tallinn, Barcelona and Seoul from 2007-2010; Author of research papers, essays and books about contemporary Korean architecture and urbanism; Field Editor for the Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering from 2010-2012, and currently a Chief Editor for SPACE Academia; Juror for the international competitions for architecture and urban design. Curated “The FAR Game: Constraints Sparking Creativity,” for the Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale in 2016.

1997-Present - Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Seoul

2013-2014 - Visiting Scholar, School of Architecture, Georgia Tech

2012-2013/ 2017-Present - Review Committee on Architecture & Urban Planning and Design, Seoul Metropolitan Government

2007-2009 - Provost, Office of Planning and Research, University of Seoul