Position:General Director
Employer:SK MOST Research and Production Company

He graduated from Karl Marx Polytechnic Institute (Yerevan, Armenia) with major “Bridges and Tunnels”, Doctor of Transport, Russian Transport Academy (1986).

Professional experience - 30 years:

1986-1994 - Engineer, Armgiprotrans Institute

1994-2007 - Research Scientist and Head of Bridge Deck Sector, IS SoyuzdorNII

2007-present day - General Director, SK MOST Research and Production Company OOO

SK MOST Research and Production Company specializes in research and development activities, inspection, repair and reconstruction of bridges and overpasses. The company is a member of the Balashikha Chamber of Trade and Industry. It implements and produces innovative transport construction materials and technologies successfully, e. g. Kozinaki® drainage system, Mostlab® mastic asphalt briquettes, designs of expansion joints of SK series.

SK MOST Research and Production Company organizes research and practice seminars and participates in development of reference documentation (TU, STO, GOST).