Position:Head of Research, Housing and Community Buildings

Architect, PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor

In 1994, Nikolay graduated from the Architecture faculty of Krasnoyarsk University of Building and Civil Engineering. Nikolay's major is Architecture.

In 1997, he received a research degree ad CNIIEP Zhilishcha in the area of Architecture of Buildings and Structures.

In 1998, he started his project and science career.

In 2000, he started teaching.

In 2003, he joined CNIIEP Zhilishcha.

In 2018, he joined CNIIPZ.

Since 2012, Nikolay is a member of a team involved in policy making:

updates of 15 rulebooks on providing accessibility of buildings and structures for the physically challenged, designing multi-purpose buildings, theaters, hotels, train stations, dormitories and hostels.

He also contributes to policy making in the area of high-rise construction: rulebooks on designing high-risers and complexes, rules on management of high-risers and high-riser territory planning.