Position:Senior Manager
Employer:High-rise Center of Excellencies

2006-2011 Urals Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin” (former UGTU UPI) Department of Automated deign in Construction (SAPR OS) Occupation: Industrial and civil engineering

2011-2013 - “ZapSibElectroEngineering”. Design Engineer.

2013-2015 Tebodin Eastern Europe BV Design Engineer, acting Chief Designer

2015 - present time, Head of the High-rise Center of Excellences

High-rise Center of Excellences interacts with developers of regulatory documents in design and construction of high-rise buildings, with developers of construction standards, and other standard and technical documents.

Activity of this center should improve business climate in the construction of unique and high-rise buildings and structures and simplify administrative procedures at all stages of design and construction and improve safety issues and efficiency of investments.