Position:Managing Geotechnical Engineer, Design and Business Development
Employer:Kasktas AS

Mr Bora Okumusoglu studied his first degree in Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University where he also completed a MSc investigating stress distribution and elasto plastic settlements under shallow foundations.

Mr Bora Okumusoglu entered the construction industry working for both Consultants and Contractors over a period of ten years. During this time, he has worked as both designer and manager of construction teams for various underground and high-rise development projects in Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ukrania, and Russia. Specializing in retention systems for deep excavations for underground space construction and deep foundation systems for high rise buildings, he has published several papers in his specialist field some of which he has presented in international conferences.

In February 2015 Mr Bora Okumusoglu together with the Dr Devon Mothersille, Dr Rasin Duzceer and Mr Alp Gokalp published a peer-reviewed article entitled 'Support of 25 m deep excavation using ground anchors in Russia' in the prestigious ICE Geotechnical Engineering Journal.

In addition his engineering duties Mr Okumusoglu is the founder and chief executive officer of hetGE, an engineering software companycreating uniquely intuitive solutions for mobile and cloud-based applications that encapsulate both routine and distinctly specialized engineering analysis: Piles Section and Capacity apps for design of bored piles and AnchorTest app for testing of post-tensioned ground anchors