Position:Head of Visualization Group
Employer:Institute Giprostroymost - St. Petersburg

He graduated from the Jerusalem University with major “Architect” (1966).

Previous employments:

Dalnyaya Svyaz Plant of the Ministry of Defense, Computer-Aided Design (1987-1988),

Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Science, Computer-Aided Design (1989-1990),

R&D Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification, Computer-Aided Design (1990-1991),

Construction Company, Foreman (1991-1994),

RONEL (Jerusalem), Architect (1994-1996),

ARCHITAT (Praha), Architect (1996-1997),

OST-ART, Architect (1997-2001),

STANDARD, Architect (1998-1999),

SCHWARTZ (Jerusalem) (2000-2001),

FORUM, Chief Project Architect (2002-2005),

St. Petersburg Architect’s Club, General Director (2005-2010),

Institute Giprostroymost - Saint-Petersburg AO, Architect (1997-2011), from 2011 - Head of Visualization Group.