Position:Chief expert
Employer:Institute Gidroproekt

He graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University in 1975, Candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences.

He carried out research of the intersections of pipeline of projects Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, Sakhalin-5 with active faults, the evaluation of seismotectonic and seismic conditions on the VSTO pipeline, refining seismic conditions in areas of waterworks in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Siberia, the Far East, Mongolia, India, Sudan.

He participated in the development of a new Russian macroseismic scale (section "Natural phenomena"), an updated set of rules "Construction in seismic areas" (Chapter 8 - Hydraulic engineering structures in seismic areas), maps of general seismic zoning of the territory of the Russian Federation (Deputy Chief Editor in charge of seismotectonics)