Utility Systems of High-rise Buildings. Part 2
Hall №3.2
October 20 2020
16:30 - 18:00
Director, PPF «AK»
Topics of presentations:
1.Smoke protection systems for buildings
Director, PPF «AK»
2.Reconstruction of Smoke Ventilation Systems in an Existing Building. Methods for Achieving Regulatory Values
Mikhail V. Kochetov, Lead Engineer for Ensuring Fire Safety Requirements in Design Documentation, Legion-Project
3.Master Class by ABOK. Utility Systems for High-rise Buildings. Smoke Protection. Specific Features of System Adjustment. Acceptance for Operation
Sergey G. Nikitin, Member of the Presidium, Russian Association ABOK
4.Engineering Systems: Conscious Need to Countervail the Spread of Infectious Diseases
Artyom I. Seregin, ClimaTech Engineering
5.What Does the New Edition of SP 30.13330.2020 Offer Us?
Sergey M. Yakushin, Director General, HL-RUS
6.Features of Elevator Equipment for High-rise Construction
Ruslan S. Rodikov, General Director, MEL