Utility Systems of High-rise Buildings. Part 1
Hall №3.2
October 20 2020
14:30 - 16:00
Director, PPF «AK»
Topics of presentations:
1.Conscious Construction in Engineering Systems
Deputy Director, Danfoss
2.Information Model as a Means of Implementing Customer Requirements. Difficult, but Possible
Sergey A. Bizyukov, Head, Information Modeling Department, AK Design and Production Company
3.ABOK Today: Sustainable Engineering of Future Cities Tomorrow
Professor, Moscow Institute of Architecture
4.Covid Reality: Hygienic Design in Air Handling Systems
Artyom M. Goncharov, Customer Service Manager, Wolf Energy-saving Systems
5.What Measures Have Been Taken in the Field of Technical Regulation. It is Time to Define the Position on the Field Reform. Is it Moving or is it Stalled?
Director, PPF «AK»