Unique Building Engineering Systems
Hall №3.2
October 29 2019
14:30 - 16:00
Director, PPF «AK»
Topics of presentations:
Evgeny E. Kiryukhantsev, C.Sc.Eng., Professor at the Academy of state fire service of the EMERCOM of Russia, NGO "Mosspetsautomatika"
Sergei G. Nikitin, member of the Presidium of ABOK, Senior Expert of AK Design and Production Firm LLC
Dmitry S. Goryachko, Head of Project Department, OPSN Center LLC
Topics for discussion:
  • Regulations on water supply systems
  • Rules and regulations SP253.13258.2016 edit.No.1 Utility systems of high-rise buildings. Contents of changes in SP in 2019
  • Rules and regulations SP30.13330.2019 Water supply and sewerage. Review of SP30 2012 and 2016
  • Circuit design for water supply of high-rise buildings
  • Regulatory documents on water fire suppression systems of high-rise buildings
  • Comparison of the requirements of Russian and foreign regulations
  • Circuit design for water fire suppression systems of high-rise buildings, stylobate parts, parking lots (fire-fighting with finely sprayed water, combination of standpipes and hose systems, and automatic fire extinguishing installations)
  • Hydraulic calculations of automatic fire extinguishing installations systems
  • Configuration and structure of pumping stations, pump selection, jockey pump, application of variable frequency drive
  • Acceptance for operation