Technology on High
December 7 2018
12:00 - 13:30
Topics of presentations:
Minister, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Governor of the Sverdlovsk oblast, Government of the Sverdlovsk oblast
Head of Ekaterinburg, Administration of the City of Ekaterinburg
Member of the Council of the Federation, Council of the Federation of the RF Federal Assembly
General Director, “Stroitelstvo” Scientific Research Center
Head of the FAU "Glavgosexpertiza Rossii", Glavgosexpertiza Rossii
Topics for discussion:
  • State Regulation in Construction. Legislative Directives and Standards for Digital Technology Application to Be Expected by the Construction Industry of the Russian Federation up to 2020
  • Standards Applied to the Construction of Buildings over 100 Meters High: Optimization of Requirements and Existing Regulations.
  • Construction: High-Rise vs. Low-Rise. Features, Benefits, and Problem Areas of the Design, Construction and Operation. Which Format Is More Promising?
  • Digital Manufacturing. Principal Challenges in Introducing Information Modelling Technologies and Other Innovative Solutions in Russian Companies. The Measures Required to Facilitate the Technology Adaptation.
  • Application of Digital Design in Architecture: Analysis and Evaluation of the Method Effectiveness.
  • Summing Up the Results of the Forum Main Sections. Key Findings and Recommendations for Further Improvement of Mechanisms Required for Transition of Russian Construction Industry to Digital Technologies.


Anfisa Sergeyevna Voronina, Partnership project publisher, Vedomosti