Significance of Engineering Surveys in the Economy of Building High-Rise and Unique Objects
Hall №3
October 4 2017
Publisher, Chief Editor, Journal “GeoInfo”
Topics of presentations:
1.Influence of Geotechnical Department on making optimal design decisions on earthworks and saving Customer’s money.
Head of Geotechnical Department, PIK-Proyekt
2.Investments in a high-quality design and surveys as a driver reducing the cost of construction in complex engineering and geological conditions.
General Director, Saranskgrazhdanproyekt
3.Fabricated surveys or how to pay 130% for construction.
CEO, PetroModeling Group of Companies
4.Optimizing earthworks design solutions and reducing the cost of construction by applying current soil ground models with case studies of high-rise buildings from Russian cities.
Professor of Department of Soil and Geotechnical Engineering, Head of REC "Geotechnical Engineering", National Research University of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
5.Engineering, geological and geotechnical analysis of emergency situations.
General Director, Group of Companies Georekonstrukciya