Russian Forum of BIM Technologies: BIM Methods
Hall №1
October 20 2020
10:00 - 11:30
Director, Sitis
Topics of presentations:
1.Use of BIM Models in Open File Format Specification (IFC) for Construction Cost Estimate Preparation, Construction Schedule Development and Post-completion Documentation Collection
Konstantin V. Biktimirov, Technical Director, PSS GRAITEK
2.Common Data Environment for Investment&Construction Project Stakeholders
Marina S. Shishkina, Product Manager of the Pilot Solution Line, ASKON
3.MR/AR-based Continuity Business-process in Construction Management
Alexey V. Kislukhin, Director General, BRIO MRS
4.Interconnection of Drawings, Models and Databases in Information Modeling
Director, Sitis
5.CREDO Technologies in Information Modeling of Areal Objects
Ekaterina N. Sarayeva, Deputy Director General, KD-engineering
6.BIM - Transfer of 3D models From the Project to the Construction Site
Country manager Russia, PlanRadar
7.IT Solutions for Buildings Design
Mikhail V. Novoselov, Technical Director, Future BIM