Russian Forum of BIM Technologies: BIM in Urban Planning pand Transport Facilities
Hall №1
October 20 2020
16:30 - 18:00
Professor, Ural Federal University
Topics of presentations:
1.Challenges in Information Modeling of Linear-type Facilities. VSP Project Implementation in Cluttered Urban Environment
Valery D. Gaydukov, Director for Project Management, “Giprogor Proekt”; David A. Volfson, Deputy Director for Project Management, “Giprogor Proekt”
2.Modern Tools and Technologies in Urban Planning
Andrey V. Shishkin, Board Chairman, Urban Planning Institute of Spatial Modeling and Development “Giprogor Proekt”
3.Computer Simulation Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning
Anton V. Rychkov, Director General, KOPTIS
4.Implementation of BIM-Technologies in Infrastructural Projects Performed by Ekaterinburg Capital Construction Administration
Anzhelika V. Shatz, Lead Expert, Ekaterinburg Capital Construction Administration; Andrey V. Solomatov, Department Head,
5.The Use of Information Technologies in Early Design Stages. Test of the Urban Planning Model and the Impact of the Project by the Example of a Parking in Microdistricts calculating.
Kirill G. Pernatkin, Architect, Architectural studio DUTCH