Large-Scale Projects Implementation in BIM. Theory, Practice, Additional Capabilities.
Hall №4
October 6 2017
Head of the Laboratory of Research and Design of Facilities Automation, TSNIISK named after V.A. Kucherenko
Topics of presentations:
1.Large-scale BIM: how developers, builders and managing companies can shift to BIM. Sharing experience and a roadmap.
CEO, Vysotsky Consulting
2.Experience of using the results of 3D laser scanning to create an informational model of large construction projects.
Head of BIM Workshop, Design Institute No.1
3.Organizing data-sharing between software platforms for informational modeling and software packages of strength analysis of structures.
Research Associate, TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko
4.Theory and practice of organizing the work of an international team in BIM environment.
Head of Information Modeling Department, Design Bureau APEX
5.Building stadiums for FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018: how BIM saved projects at the production stage.
Commercial director, Trimble Solutions
6.Laser scanning and BIM in practice: examples of projects in manufacturing and in architecture. Unique Russian experience.
CEO, Trimetary Consulting
7.Modeling of aerodynamics and ecology of urban territories on the basis of semantic 3D models.
Младший научный сотрудник, доцент кафедры прикладной математики, Новосибирский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет