Forum of Construction Design Engineers and Structural Engineers

INTERCONSTROY-2019. Seismic safety of structures
Hall №3.7
October 29 2019
10:00 - 11:30
Topics of presentations:
1.SP 14.13330.2018 "SNIP II-7-81" Construction in Seismic Areas (Change): justification, main provisions, results of discussion, areas of development
Head of LC 7 Seismic Safety in Construction, TС 465 "Construction", AO NIC Stroitelstvo
2.Simulation of structures and design of seismic impacts in a complex system of ing+ (design for multi-level impacts, checking calculation, design for progressive collapse)
General Director, Tech-Soft
3.Capabilities of the SCAD++ software complex in design for seismic impacts according to modern standards
Andrey V. Teplykh, Deputy General Director for Marketing, NPF SCAD SOFT LLC
4.Seismic impact design using LIRA-SAPR software. Practice. Regulatory questions
Viktor E. Gubchenko, Leading Engineer, Lira Service LLC
5.Seismic modeling and design of buildings with seismic insulation: methods and examples of implementation
Technical Director, LIRA software