Innovative Approaches to Creating a “Perfect City”
Hall №7
October 4 2017
Director of Consulting Department, Knight Frank
Topics of presentations:
CEO, GORN Development
Director of the design sector, GK “Spectrum”
Chief Architect, GORPROEKT
Спикер уточняется
Dmitry Venitsianov, Chief Expert Public Services, SAP CIS
Topics for discussion:
  • Innovative approaches to modeling a contemporary city. An architect’s view;
  • Cities of the future: from infrastructure to services for citizens;
  • Developer’s view of the possibility to apply advanced technologies in high-rise construction;
  • How to bring to life architects’ bold projects if Russian regulatory framework authorizes exclusively traditional approaches to design and construction?

How should a modern city develop - in width or in height? What is the most appropriate ratio of its built-up areas (different number of stores), as well as parks, public areas, etc.? Architects and urbanists reflect on this problem during few centuries.

In the homeland of skyscrapers, the United States, there were several revolutionary for their time concepts: "The Beautiful City", "Garden City", "Radiant City". They considered how to "fit" the high-rise buildings into the existing urban structure.

At the session "Innovative Approaches to Creating a "Perfect City", developers, architects and authorities will try to create their own model of a "Perfect City", comfortable for residents and convenient to manage.