Implementation of the target model "State Cadastre" as a factor of increasing the investment attractiveness of the Sverdlovsk Region: the main problems and prospects for their solution
Hall №1
October 6 2017
Заместитель руководителя, Управление Росреестра по Свердловской области
Topics of presentations:
1.The issues, related to implementation of principles and achievement of the values of the target model “State Cadastral Registration of Land Plots and Real Estate Objects”.
Руководитель, Управление Росреестра по Свердловской области
2.Topical issues of interaction of the cadastre relations subjects.
Директор, Межрегиональный союз кадастровых инженеров
Topics for discussion:
  • Relationship between the presence or absence in the Unified State Property Register of territorial zones provided for use and development rules and the quality of the approved land use and development rules;
  • Creation of a regional spatial data foundation;
  • Formation of a common information space in the Sverdlovsk region.