“I AM BUILDING THE FUTURE!” Program for Popularizing Jobs in Architecture, Construction and Utilities
Hall №3
October 4 2017
Помощник Министра, Ответственный секретарь Общественного совета, Министерство строительства и ЖКХ Российской Федерации

Issues for discussion:

- Popularization of the construction industry professions.

- Contemporary content of education.

- Opportunities of educational organizations of higher education and ways of implementing pre-professional training of schoolchildren.

Ekaterina Chebotaeva, Head of the Youth and Information Policy Department, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

- Infrastructure of the childhood.

Antonina Tsitsulina, President, Association of the Children's Goods Industry

- Generation Diqital. Innovative approach to cooperate with students.

Ekaterina Frolova, Director for Integrated Communications for Public Services, SAP

- Presentation of the project of the best practices of popularization and career-guidance collection "Professions of the Future".

Vladimir Vainer, Director of the Gladway, Media Projects and Social Programs Development Foundation.

- Georgy Esaulov, Dr.Sc.Arch., Head of Temple Architecture Department, Professor, Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARHI)