From Developer to Manufacturer of Rolled Metal
Hall №3.4
October 20 2020
14:30 - 16:00
Topics of presentations:
Alexander N. Danilov, Director General, Steel Construction Development Association
2.Potential of Technical Solutions for Steel Construction and a Role of the Association in Their Implementation
Tatiana V. Nazmeyeva, C.Sc. Engineering, Project Manager, Steel Construction Development Association
3.New Coated Steels for Civil and Unique Construction
Alexander V. Orlov, Head, Development of Coated Rolled Steel Product Sector, Severstal
4.Painted Steel with Corrosion-resistant Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Coating. Prospects of Foreign Standards Application in Domestic Construction
Alexander Yu. Rashkovsky, C.Sc. Physics and Mathematics, Head of R&D Projects, NLMK
5.New Types of Steel and Products of EVRAZ NTMK for Construction
Konstantin E. Sokolov, Head of Rolling Production Department, Technical Department, EVRAZ NTMK
6.Use of Steel and Steel-reinforced Concrete Structures in Design and Construction of Unique Facilities
Speaker to be confirmed