Features of Designing, Installing and Operating Facade Systems and Translucent Structures of High-Rise Buildings and Unique Structures. Section 2
Hall №4
October 6 2017
Chief Research Scientist, RC “Facades SPK”, RDICP RAACS
Deputy General Director in charge of Innovation, NIISF RAASN
Topics of presentations:
1.Implementing facade systems of a high-rise (100 m) building using Alutech aluminum profile systems.
Head of technical division, Alutech
2."Creating the Future”. Special projects of Shuko. Requirements and Methods of Verification.
Руководитель отдела продукт-менеджмента металлоконструкций, ШУКО Интернационал Москва
3.Innovations of Two-Contour Facades of High-Rise Buildings. Сlosed Сavity Facades.
Коммерческий директор, Йозеф Гартнер
4.MasTTech aluminum systems - affordable Russian systems for mass construction.
CEO, New Technology
5.Technology of manufacturing and installing roof and facade structures made of ETFE cushions.
Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty and Head of the Department of technology and construction arrangements , NGASU
6.Designing aluminum structures for translucent facades with alternating warm and cold zones. Solutions in the INICIAL system.
Директор научно технического центра по разработке и развитию системы INICIAL, Урало-Сибирская профильная компания
General Director, Ural and Siberian Profile Company