Features of Designing, Installing and Operating Facade Systems and Translucent Structures of High-Rise Buildings and Unique Structures. Section 1
Hall №1
October 5 2017
Chief Research Scientist, RC “Facades SPK”, RDICP RAACS
Deputy General Director in charge of Innovation, NIISF RAASN
Topics of presentations:
1.Regulatory framework and testing methods of enclosing structures for high-rise and unique buildings.
Chief Research Scientist, RC “Facades SPK”, RDICP RAACS
2.Facade maintenance system. BIM technology for designing facades of buildings.
Director, Unified Facade Company
3.Developing a body of rules “Safe Glazing of Buildings and Structures”.
General Director, Bashnia Federatsia (Federation Tower)
4.Comprehensive analysis of results of dynamic testing of facade systems in high-rise objects (summarizing the experience of Central R&D Institute (TsNIIP) of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Central R&D Institute of Structural Elements Stroitelstvo R&
Начальник Управления научных исследований и изысканий в области градостроительной безопасности и инженерной защиты от стихийных бедствий, ЦНИИП Минстроя России
CEO, Eurasian SEISMO Association
5.Translucent facade systems in high-rise buildings and their behavior during a fire.
Professor at Department of Construction Fire Safety, Fire Service Academy of the EMERCOM