Facades and enclosing structures of the cities of the future
Hall №3.2
October 31 2019
12:00 - 13:30
Topics of presentations:
1.Intelligent glazing of buildings
Ekaterina Trots, Architectural Expert, Shuco International Moscow JSC
2.Enclosing translucent hinged structures
Denis V. Izotov, Construction Engineer, EFK LLC
3.All glass structures state of the art made by seele
General Director, Seele rus
4.Developing of recommendations for the design of panoramic glazing structures of residential and public buildings
Nikolay V. Dubynin, C.Sc. Architecture, Head of Department for Research of Residential and Public Buildings, Central R&D and Design & Experimental Institute of Industrial Buildings
5.Experience in designing suspended ventilated facades of unique buildings, including using BIM capabilities
Viktor B. Salnikov, Director, InPAD LLC
6.Lighting of the Lakhta Center facades
Alexey V. Voronin, Head of Sales Department, Intiled LLC