Engineering Systems of High-Rise Buildings. Section 1
Hall №4
October 5 2017
Director, PPF «AK»
President, NP AVOK
Topics of presentations:
1.High-rise and high-tech buildings.
President, NP AVOK
2.State of regulatory framework, working on the new Construction Rules “High-Rise Buildings and Complexes. Fire Safety Requirements”. Solutions of anti-smoke protection of high-rise buildings.
R&D Center for Fire Safety, All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies
3.Energy optimization of shaping high-rise buildings.
Professor, Moscow Institute of Architecture
4.Energy modeling. Analysis of utility systems operation in unique and high-rise buildings.
Deputy Director General, MM-Techology
5.Features of selecting pumping equipment while designing utility systems of high-rise buildings.
Chief Project Engineer, Vilo Rus (LLC)
6.Lightning immunity for high-rise buildings. Design experience.
Tatiana Pechenaya, Head of Electricity Supply Department, GORPROJECT CJSC