Foundations of High-Rise and Unique Buildings and Structures. Specific Features of Foundations Technology
Hall №3.1
October 31 2019
12:00 - 13:30
Deputy Director in charge of research at the Gersevanov R&D Institute for Underground Structures and Facilities, “Stroitelstvo” Scientific Research Center
Topics of presentations:
1.Practical implementation of the system of vertical and horizontal geotechnical barriers in the construction of high-rise buildings
Oleg A. Makovetskiy, Deputy General Director for Science, New Ground OJSC
2.Technological features of building foundations of high-rise buildings on sites with the risk of developing dangerous natural processes
Professor, Kuban State Agriculture University
3.Practices of testing of large bearing capacity piles by wave impact theory in Russia
Aleksander Yu. Kharitonov, Chief Engineer, Tehnotest LLC
4.Use of thin injection piles in a highly compressed base
Professor of the Department “Construction Production”, Tyumen University of Industry
5.Dynamic testing of steel tubular piles applying wave impact theory. Experience of the Kerch Bridge
Evgeny I. Khezin, Lead Engineer of the Computation Department, Institute of Giprostroymost - St. Petersburg JSC