BIM 3D: Russian and Foreign experience of buildings and structures information modeling. Part 1
Hall №3.1
October 30 2019
10:00 - 11:30
Topics of presentations:
1.Creation and use of software ecosystems for information modeling. Russian and foreign experience
Director, Sitis
2.BIM – Quality Assurance
Vyacheslav A. Shmotiev, Project nanager, Stroytekproekt LLC
3.Problems of the development of information modeling technologies in Europe and Russia and their solutions
Taras F. Untila, Technical Project Manager, UnitBIM, VladImerMet LLC
4.BIM models of ventilation systems
Artyom M. Goncharov, Account Manager, Wolf Energy Saving Systems LLC (WOLF GmbH)
5.Information modeling as a mandatory standard in design. Specific features of the approach in working with Russian and foreign partners
Svetlana V. Parkhomenko, Head of BIM Technology Department, Metropolis Company
6.BIM technology in the practice of management and control of construction. Excluding the human factor
Alexander V. Popov, Director in Charge of Digital Technology, SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT
7.Design in the BIM system of industrial and individual construction sites. European experience for the Russian Federation
Yan Maersky, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General, Proma Group