BIM 3D: Russian and Foreign experience of buildings and structures information modeling. Part 2
Hall №3.1
October 30 2019
12:00 - 13:30
Topics of presentations:
1.Alliance digital platform as a ready-made tool for implementing BIM at all stages of the lifecycle. Examples of VR-based facilities implemented
Vitaly G. Konovalov, Technical Director, Alliance of Engineers and Designers LLC
2.5 errors of BYURO TEKHNIKI or how not to start working in BIM
General Director, BYURO TEKHNIKI
3.Renga, as the basis for the BIM model and VR tour
Maria E. Ozhiganova, Founder and BIM-manager, BIM & VR studio FORMA
4.Practical experience in foreign and domestic software application in BIM design in "IC "StroyExpert" company
Dmitry V. Popov, Managing Partner, Engineering and Technical Center StroyExpert LLC
5.Technical regulation of the life cycle management of construction projects using information modeling technologies
Yuri N. Zhuk, head of the laboratory for automation of research and design of structures TsNIISK named after V.A. Kucherenko, The Research Center of Construction JSC
6.Management of the information model estimated cost
Vladimir V. Sudarikov, Director, Ericos-TsSP LLC
7.Organization of a shared data environment for the interaction of designer and customer
Vyacheslav A. Shmotiev, Project Manager, Stroytekproekt LLC
8.“1C: PM Project Management” and “1C: Development and Real Estate Management 2”: from the 3D model to the work schedule, volumes, cost, KPI and cash flow of the investment project
Anton S. Rodin, Project management automation specialist, ITLand