BIM 5D: Pricing, Cost Estimates, Economics. Budget and Non-Budget
Hall №1
December 5 2018
14:00 - 15:30
Head of the Department of Information Modeling in Construction, Institute of Construction and Architecture, Ural Federal University, Professor, Ural Federal University
Topics of presentations:
1.BIM Technologies Implementation in Customer’s Service Business-processes. Use of Classifier with Commercial Rates
Project Manager, BIM-Cluster
Deputy Director General in charge of Innovation, AMKAD
2.Informational Model Management at All Stages of Project’s Life Cycle in Corporate Information Systems
Vladimir Vladimirovich Sudarikov, Director, Erikos-TsSP OOO
3.The Reform of the Pricing System in Construction
Konstantin Igorevich Kozhevnikov, Director, Ural Regional Center of Economics and Pricing in Construction