Freedom of Creativity is a Recognized Necessity
Hall №3.1
October 20 2020
14:30 - 16:00
Topics of presentations:
1.Practice of the Sverdlovsk Branch of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation Participation in Development of Architectural Projects
Chairman of the Expert Advisory Board, Sverdlovsk branch of the Union of Architects of Russia
2.Role of a City Chief Architect in a Process of Creating Architectural Image of a Designed Building
Deputy Manager of the Department of Architecture, Urban Development and Land Matters – Chief Architect, Yekaterinburg City Administration
3.Approval of Architectural and Urban Planning View of a Site: Is It Objective Necessity or Unnecessary Procedure?
Oleg V. Rybin, Vice-President, Union of Architects of Russia
4.The Mission of Ekaterinburg – Expanding Horizons of Creativity
Gennady A. Golubev, C.Sc. Architecture, Professor, USUAA