Transportation system of the future will be developed at 100+ Forum Russia

At the VI International Forum and Exhibition of High-Rise and Unique Constructions 100+ Forum Russia, speakers will speak about when citizens are going to be able to abandon their cars in favor of public transport and bicycles. They will also discuss what the transportation infrastructure of an "ideal city" without traffic jams is as well as the matters of suspension bridges and noiseless roads.

The forum will also see efficient solutions in terms of transportation systems in metropolises and the most cutting-edge technologies of infrastructure optimization in cities of the future. Among case studies will be: Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Milan, London, Cairo and Istanbul.  Among the participants will be Federico Parolotto (Head, company Mobility in Chain), Joao Silva (Lissoni Architettura), Stefan Yentsch (Head, Obermeyer Asia-Pasific), Nikolai Kanev (Cand. Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Acoustic Group company) and others.

"According to data provided by VCIOM, 25% of Russian drivers are willing to stop driving their cars partially or completely. This tells us that our transport infrastructure is changing. A comfortable city of the future is the city which allows people to go from any A to any B without needing a car. Moreover, not only does this kind of a city lower the level of CO2 emissions but does the same for vibroacoustic pollutions. Our experts already have and are ready to present such master plans for moders megapolises", – said Vera Belous, Executive of Organizing Committee.

The agenda of the forum contains matters of development of comfortable cities, convenient commuting hubs and stations with large park and ride lots, bicycle lanes systems, vertical express routes for passengers, both underground and overground, with elevators, as well as matters of ensuring comfortable acoustics of urban spaces in the conditions of high-intensity development of transportation systems.

"It's important to create a well thought out urban environment for all kinds of people:  pedestrians, bicycle riders, for example, and do it in a way that allows them to quickly get from A to B regardless of what type of transport they choose. It doesn't really matter what kind of fuel our public transport will run: electricity, some type of hybrid fuels or atomic energy. One of the main criteria of a comfortable city is the proximity of different spaces. It's when you don't need to spend a lot of time and money to get from home to work or any other place.  This is going to be the competitive advantage of a city in the future. I've wanted to share my vision for a long time, to speak about what we need to do to create a durable and comfortable system and to introduce a new model of "an ideal city", – said Federico Paralotto about his speech at 100+ Forum Russia.

The forum will also see a presentation of a unique project – a walking bridge between Manhattan skyscrapers with the total length of more than 600 metres which will become an "air route" from the new train station to the offices area and will be mounted in-between buildings 6 metres above the ground. It is also planned to build vertical lanes with elevators and stairs. This project by Lissoni Architettura made it into top-2 of the contest Metals in Construction magazine 2019. Engineers paid extra attention to the ecological side of things – the bridge will be made of recycled materials and its energy supply, both for the bridge in general and its organic LED lighting, will come from the technology of transforming kinesthetic energy provided by people's steps into electricity. Parties will discuss the possibilities for recreating the same type of project in metropolises in different climate conditions.