The Future City: an Image to be Drawn Together

The main theme of 100+ Forum Russia 2019 is titled City of the Future.

What is going to govern the development of metropolises for the next 15-20 years? How do we adapt our cities to the new demands of time – those of technology, economy, ecology and culture?

These questions will be the subjects for discussions at more than half of business sessions at 100+ Forum Russia 2019 We would like to invite you to join the discussions on what attributes the City of the Future should possess:

  • Urban development trends and the master plan.
  • Architecture and transportation systems.
  • Urban environment.
  • Zero-waste technologies.
  • Digital security.
  • Energy efficiency and ecological friendliness.

What would you suggest as a topic for discussion at 100+ Forum Russia 2019?

You can e-mail your suggestions and your application to participate in the business program to: