Specific features of unique bridge construction process will be discussed at 100+ Forum in Ekaterinburg

Forum Agenda will capture issues related to standards and quality assurance along with examples of experimental studies, implementation and monitoring of new technologies in construction of bridges.

Experts of Krylov State Scientific Center will share their experience in studies they performed at unique 19km bridge crossing o the Crimea. “Our vast experimental database of 97 unique unparalleled sites for test performance allowed comprehensive approach in unique construction”, - said Sergey Soloviev, Deputy Chief of hydroaerodynamic department of “Krylov State Scientific Center”. - Our experts performed bridge aerodynamic stability tests for wind exposure, simulated impact of the ship from bridge arm upon failure of the control system, determined maximum ice load on bridge arms and performed numerical simulation of bridge arc transportation from the const5ruction site to installation at bridge arms”.

At 100+ Forum designers and constructors will be demonstrated a prototype of the only landscape aerodynamic tunnel in Russia which was used for testing and adjustment of the bridge structures.

Construction of bridges is one of the most challenging issues for Russian cities. According to Mr. Aleksandr Vasilyev, Member of the Russian Academy of Transport and Director of the Institute for research into bridges and other civil engineering structures (“IMIDIS”) expressed his opinion that “large span bridges, traffic interchanges and architectures establish fashion in construction. On one hand it is caused by rapid growth of traffic in the recent decades and, on the other hand, is it caused by expansion of the world integration. So far, it requires additional development of the traffic infrastructure”.