Opening of International Construction Forum and Expo 100+ TechnoBuild in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg saw the official opening of VIII Construction Forum and Expo 100+ TechnoBuild. 

"It's our eighth time opening this construction forum and exhibition. Looking back at previous years' editions, we can definitively state that we've made substantial progress in scaling the expo, as well as in attracting new interesting sectors of the construction market and construction science to our event" – said senator Arkady Chernetsky in his welcoming speech. 

The senator noted that this year's edition of the forum will feature 120 round-table events and seminars. There will be 500 speakers at the forum, with several dozens being leading global experts in their fields. Total area of the exhibition is 30,000 square meters. 

"These testing times of the pandemic have resulted in some good for us, too. (...) Today, some of the top engineers, architects, heads of design and architectural studios and leading urbanists take great pleasure in participating in our forum. We have an opportunity to connect everyone interested with global leaders in these fields" – noted Arkady Chernetsky.

Anton Glushkov, president of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY), expressed his happiness and pride in how the event has grown from a local initiative of Ural builders to an international forum and expo.

"The list of people who come to Yekaterinburg to share their own expertise and learn the best practices we have here in Russia, and the Urals in particular, has now gone from only Russian builders, scientists, and architects to world-renowned experts" – he stated.

Anton Glushkov also noted that 100+ changes and expands its list of discussed topics annually. 

"Today, aside from high-rise construction we discuss challenges presented in technical regulations and pricing in the construction market. If we look at exhibition booths, almost all of them show that the prevalent trend right now is the digitization of construction and transition to BIM" – he said. 

"Governor of Sverdlovsk region said that our goal is for the forum to become like INNOPROM but for builders. We can reach this goal. It is relevant on the federal level in the sense of promoting ideas and developing the construction market in Russia, as well as completing complex tasks related to speeding up the process of housing construction" – said the minister of construction and infrastructure development of Sverdlovsk region Mikhail Volkov at the opening ceremony. 

Vyacheslav Trapeznikov, President of the Guild of Builders of Urals, added that 100+ is a result of the desire of builders and developers from Yekaterinburg to exchange experience and to learn how they can move forward and make Yekaterinburg more competitive, attractive, and economically and socially sustainable. 

"I'm confident that the event will once again show and prove it's main value. It's a place for the interested to truly engage in productive professional communication" – said Trapeznikov.

At the end of the 100+ TechnoBuild opening ceremony, participants cut the ribbon. 

After the ceremony, its participants took a look at smart video surveillance systems, new technology by the Shcherbinsky elevator plant and Karacharovsky mechanical plant, and exhibition booths of Inpad, Mosinzhproekt, Guardian, Inicialsistems, and NOSTROY. In total, there are 225 exhibitors. You can visit the event on October 5-7 in IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO.