On Day 3, the total number of registrations for 100+ Forum Russia reached 10695

Business program for the day included 26 thematic sessions. This included three sessions by AO NIC Stroitelstvo, two sessions on fire safety by Research Institute for Fire Protection, two sessions by CNIIP of Ministry of Construction of Russia, two sessions by the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region.

Participants and guests of the forum were particularly interested in the session titled Masterplan of Future Cities. The session was moderated by Mikhail Vyatkin, member of the board for Sverdlovsk Organization of the Union of Architects of Russia. The audience listened to speeches by experts from Russia and other countries: Federico Parolotto (Senior Partner, Mobility in Chain), Hiroki Matsuura (CEO, MADMA urbanism+landscape), Dhiru Thadani (Vice-president, ISOCARP) and representatives of CityThinking by EDDEA: Anna Sofia Ehrenfried, Timur Bogdanenko and Cardenas Dominguez Adame Jose Maria.

Representatives from architect's offices and leading Ekaterinburg-based construction and development companies participated in a meeting titled Modern Residential and Public Spaces. The meeting was moderated by Vyacheslav Trapeznikov, Builders Association of the Urals. 

The forum came to an end with a panel discussion titled Future City: The Image. This event involved participation from Eduard Haiman (Director of Design, Habidatum), Miguel Casal Ribeiro and Joao Silva (Representatives, Lissoni Casal Ribeiro), Elija Kozak (Business-Developer, MVRDV), Daniele Belleri (Partner, Carlo Ratti Associati), Yuliy Borisov (CEO, UNK Project). The panel discussion was moderated by Director of HPBS Ilya Zavaleev.

At the event, the speakers took a look at projects that show a possible future, exchanged information on concepts of a city that would be able to serve as its own prediction, discussed imagined languages based on a futuristic conception of the Museum of Language in London and shared their expert opinions on how to make the way for smart cities and build a futuristic network. 

This final discussion became a glaring example of just how relevant the theme of 100+ Forum Russia – Future City – is.