100+ TESTIMONIAL: Hiroki Matsuura

100+ Forum Russia speaker, CEO of MADMA urbanism+landscape Hiroki Matsuura talks about Future Cities:

"The future has so many faces that we can only be abstract in talking about it. This is why, when I think about a city of the future, I don't think about a distant one but rather a future that is around the corner, and I start from the present. Today, we all work in offices. We have our work seats, computers, phones – everything is there. Our future is outside these offices. It's when we are able to go to a coffee shop, get a coffee, invite a partner and talk business right there. It's when all tools that offices provide us with today are available to us anywhere. This is one side of it. Another is, I think that the near future will bring changes to public spaces: changes in the hierarchy between car drivers, pedestrians and bicycle riders. Car drivers will no longer be the dominant ones on the roads".