100+ TESTIMONIAL: Federico Parolotto

Federico Parolotto, Head, Mobility in Chain:

"Events life 100+ Forum Russia are a rare occasion in the Asian part of the world. Yet, it's extremely important to come together and think, discuss possibilities, challenges and trends of the time. I am personally really interested in the topics of urban planning and transport infrastructure. Both of these areas are under rapid change today. Topics like this are combinations of new ideas and solutions, technology and economics. For me, 100+ Forum Russia is valuable in the sense that it brings together different opinions on construction and urban planning: traditional approaches, technological novelties and business-models. This is the direction I would actually advise the forum to move in more – invite people from different backgrounds as speakers. For example, invite not only those who is involved urban transport infrastructure planning, but also telecommunications companies, sociologists, experts in transport. Push boundaries to bring together more contrasting opinions. It's only this contrast that will allow us to see the whole picture."