100+ Forum Russia at INNOPROM 2016

100+ Forum Russia Organizing Committee together with the Institute of Exploration of Bridges and Other Engineering Structures (IMIDIS) held a thematic section on bridge construction at INNOPROM 2016. Alexander I. Vasilyev, Director in charge of science of IMIDIS, Doctor of Engineering, gave a presentation on the status of regulatory framework and field observations of the biggest bridge structures on Volga, Dnieper, Kama, Moskva, Neva, Ob, Irtysh and other rivers.

The participants of the educational program "How to create new city projects", initiated by “Gildiya Stroiteley Urala” (Urals Civil Engineers’ Guild), together with the online school Vector, presented at INNOPROM five urban landscaping projects.  Four other projects will be shown at the international forum for high-rise and unique construction 100+ Forum Russia in October this year.

The photos may be downloaded from:https://yadi.sk/d/LUk02gxStKQpe