100+ DIGEST #8

Official updates

Participation confirmations have been received from Altai Krai, Yaroslavl region and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The Altai delegation will be led by their regional Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Ivan Gilev. 


Alexander Dolgov, Rector at Ural State Architectural University, shared his definition of the concept Conscious Building, the theme of 100+ 2020, his view on how conscious Yekaterinburg is in this regard as well as whether the city needs outside investments for its development and what needs to be done about renovations. You can read the interview by following this link. 

100+ Forum Russia: Speakers

Oleg Shulyatyev, Deputy Director at NIC Stroitelstvo and one of the regular speakers at 100+, will give a talk on conscious solutions and technology for foundations of high-rise and unique constructions. The talk will include points about stress-strain behavior of the ground during the construction of a high-rise building, specifically about tracking and regulating said behaviour.

Martin Gran, Partner at Snøhetta and Managing Director at Snøhetta Design, will give a talk named Collective Intuition. During the talk, he will provide examples of cultural and commercial projects. He will also tell the audience about aspects that need to be accounted for when designing projects with the goal of improving social interaction.

Yury Chebelyuk, BIM-manager at OOO Legion-Proekt, will share his vast experience of implementing BIM in design and construction. He will speak about the importance of BIM departments and whether a company can do without one. He will also share the first steps to introducing the technology into a process and to learning about all nuances.

100+ Urban Technology: Exhibitors

GradINFO will showcase their simulation model for traffic evaluation and digital technology for spacial development.

OOO KD-Inzhiniring will exhibit software for informational modelling. The company will also share their experience of developing and selling engineering software for engineering research and design of transportation facilities as well as industrial and civil construction. 

AO MEL will present their elevator equipment for residential and administrative buildings as well as elevators for high-rise construction (with/without an engine room).

Register as a participant on our official 100+ website! Participation is free-of-charge. Number of participant spots is limited this year.