100+ DIGEST #5

A 150 sq. m. exhibition of photographs, a book presentation and a performance of The Dawns Here Are Quiet in Chinese. China has shared their program for World Cities Day, an event that will be hosted simultaneously with 100+ Forum Russia.

Yufei Fang and Incheon Gu, representatives of UN-Habitat Shanghai Coordination Council for World Cities Day, have visited the sites and the hotels where Ekaterinburg will host the global event.

The guests had a meeting with Vasiliy Kozlov, Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk Region. The delegation also visited IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO. The representatives of UN-Habitat Shanghai Coordination Council for World Cities Day visited the new conference center and discussed the program for October with Vera Belous, Executive of Organizing Committee in Ekaterinburg.

New speakers confirmed their participation in the business program of 100+ Forum Russia:

  • Nikolaus Teodosiu – Director, Laboratory of Engineering and Water Resources Management, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki). At 100+ Forum Russia, Mr. Teodosiu will speak about Urban Water Management
  • RoriO'Hagan – Director, Assael Architecture. Mr. O'Hagan managed the largest projects of Assael in the Build-to-Rent sector. One example of such projects is one that was awarded the UnionWharf award (Grinwich, London) and involved extensive external construction. At 100+ Forum Russia, Rori O'Hagan will speak about new models of housing and blockwork.
  • Alexander Poluektov – Head of Intelligent Infrastructure Department, Siemens. Alexander Poluektov will take part in the session Urban Digitalisation.
  • Timur Valiev – Director of Development, BARS Group, an IT-solutions company from Russia. Timur Valiev will give a speech on the topic of Examples of Federal and Regional Digital Platforms Implementation in Construction.

Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region will host a session which will be a part of the business program of the forum, titled Designing a Smart City.

Preparation for 100+ Forum Russia is under way and one of its speakers, Co-founder of the architecht firm Wowhaus Oleg Shapiro, gave an exclusive interview.

Follow this link to learn about principles of designing public spaces, disadvantages of implementing concepts without involving their authors and about the matter of whose opinion should decide the fate of a public space.

Hiroki Matsuura, CEO of MADMA urbanism+landscape, MASA architects and a speaker at 100+ Forum Russia, gave an exclusive interview to the website of the forum and shared his experience of working in Russia, his view on the evolution of urban environment and on how to help modern architecture live a longer life.

100+ Technologies for cities have received new participant applications:

  • Reynaers Aluminium will be presenting their aluminium systems for translucent constructions as well as solutions for increased energy efficiency of buildings compatible with the Smart Home system.
  • TECE Systems will showcase their steel profiles for use in construction of shafts for water pipes, sewers, ventilation as well as systems which allow to make the process of erecting high-risers significantly faster.
  • OOO Sertificate Service will bring their program-apparatus complex Kabina which can be controlled remotely and is used for municipal services office payments. 
  • AO TIZOL will showcase their modern heat and sound proof materials that make it possible for light thin-walled steel constructions to endure light for 15-90 minutes.
  • OOO GeoSpetsTekhnologiya will present modern technologies for soil reinforcement: injection poles and jet grouting.
  • OOO Mobilnie Resheniya Dlya Stroitelstva will present ways of implementation of cloud technologies and BIM-technologies on construction sites: remote quality control and the possibility to monitor the progress live.

At the current moment, preparation for 100+ Forum Russia has been talked about in 900 articles published by federal and regional media.