100+ DIGEST #5

Official updates

Invitations to participate in 100+ TechnoBuild, signed by the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia Vladimir Yakushev, have been extended to the highest executive bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Invitations to mayors and heads of cities have been signed by the Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia Dmitry Volkov.


Takaharu Tezuka, architect from Japan and founder of Tezuka Architects, shared his view on how architecture helps to improve quality of life for citizens through creating better conditions. Follow this link to read the interview: https://forum-100.ru/novosti/prednaznachenie-arhitektury-menyat-zhizn-lyudey/

100+ Forum Russia: Speakers

Igor Bakhirev, Deputy Director at the Genplan Institute of Moscow, will participate as a speaker in a session named Urban Transportation Planning with a talk on integration of railroads into urban transport maps. Mr. Bakhirev will speak about how the Moscow Central Circle was successfully integrated as well as about the effects of building the MCC and development of urban territories adjacent to railroads.

Artem Mityaev, Deputy CEO at PhotoTech, will give a talk about fireproof facade glazing. The speaker will provide real-life projects to explain the most common mistakes and important contradictions in design. He will also offer modern solutions for the improvement of performance characteristics of fireproof glazing and lowering costs of construction.

100+ Forum Russia Business Program

Experts from FAI Main Department of State Expertise will hold a round-table discussion. Head of the Department, Igor Manylov, will be among the participants.

The discussion will include the following topics:

  • "Novelties in laws pertaining to examinations of project documentation and engineering research results. Expert support",
  • "Engineering design in high-rise buildings",
  • "About the unified digital inspection platform",
  • "Professional personnel as foundation for innovational development of state regulatory audits concept".