100+ DIGEST #4

"Soft Landing": BIM as a developer's tool to save money

This is how Europe calls the stage of efficient, effective and cost-effective turnover from builders to users.  Implementation of BIM at all stages of an object's lifecycle allows to be cost-effective not only when launching an object into exploitation but also be financially sound when it comes to maintenance. 

In preparation for 100+ Technobuild, a webinar titled BIM: From Design to Exploitation was held. Specialists from several companies shared their practices of construction processes automation. The list of participant companies: Stroyektproekt (Yekaterinburg), Semrén & Månsson Rus (Saint-Petersburg), BIM-Cluster (Yekaterinburg), IBS (Moscow). Representatives from the USU's Informational Modelling department (Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture) talked about opportunities of teaching BIM from scratch.

To see the full webinar with speakers' presentations, visit our official YouTube channel.

Follow the link to see speakers' presentations.

As a bonus from Stroyektproekt, you also can download a plugin for size arrangement management. 

100+ Forum Russia: Speakers

Andrey Mikhailov, Partner and Chief Engineer at KPLN bureau, will talk about reasons for design bureaus to hire their own programmers. Why does a good designer have to possess IT competencies and have programming skills in the age of BIM technology? Often times, a standard set of professional software and tools they offer is not enough, which is when it becomes essential to create one's own automation tools – scripts and plugins.

Petr Sychev, Deputy Director of Production Automation Department at IBS, will give practical advice on BIM implementation to manage assets at the stage of exploitation. He will also show a scenario of using informational models with effects and examples of execution.

100+ Urban Technology: Exhibitors

Kermi will showcase their innovative inventions – steel panel radiators Kermi therm-x2, in-floor heaters both with natural and forced convection as well as heated floors systems. 

TECE – a leading German manufacturer of plumbing equipment, piping systems for both cold and hot water, heating, cooling and natural gas – will exhibit various products.